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Event marketing

Whether you are looking for help with generating leads, getting help filling out the calendar or an effective sales strategy, Partner Dialog helps you through the sales process.

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Event marketing – get more participants to go to your events and conferences

To get enough participants for meetings and seminars or enough exhibitors for a trade fair is a big challenge these days.
Partner Dialog has great experience with event and conference marketing whether it is free or you pay an admission fee.

The time up to an event is critical – therefore we work fast –paced when undertaking these assignments. Using our event and conference marketing solutions, you will receive daily reports and we will contact you continually to up-date you on the progress.

Call us on +45 3586 8000 and let us help you be successful with your event.

The best event marketing happens over the phone

E-mail or direct mail invitations are somewhat effective. However, in our experience telemarketing is the most efficient way to market an event – at least if you want to make sure it is the right people who participate – the ones that can sign contracts.

Marketing aimed at the right people

We have conducted countless marketing campaigns focusing on the right companies, organisations and contacts. These are:

  • Smaller-medium sized companies
  • Public institutions
  • Organisations
  • Managers
  • Members of the management
  • Members of the board

Partner Dialog will also forward sales materials, contracts or agreements – and follow up, so you get them back signed. Where are the people who are crucial for your event? Call us on +45 3886 8000 and let us talk about where we find them.

Should we contact you?

You can also write to us at info@partnerdialog.dk or call us on +45 38 41 03 26.

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