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Sales Training

Sales Training

If you and your employees would like to be better at developing the sales potential, Partner Dialog can offer you sales training, coaching, and sales tools.

Personal meeting coaching/ co-visiting

Are you able to sell sawdust to a lumber mill? Or do you need the tools to close the order?
Our sales coaches will accompany you to meetings followed by an analysis and evaluation of your performance so you can reach you goals in the future.

We base our coaching on the individual sales consultant’s competencies and compile a personal development plan followed by training of specific tools.
If we co-visit, the sales consultant will have the opportunity to practise what he has learned and get an assessment afterwards.

Realisation of goals

Sales training is about what measures you can take to establish a sales culture in your company. Strategic goals are transformed into personal goals supported by plans of action. We will help you draw up and instigate the process. We support the sales management and deliver the tools.

Upselling / cross-selling – Selling more

The workshop will give you the tools, so that you can spot how and when you can be successful at upselling based on your customer’s needs. We will teach you how to use the tricks of the trade and how to make upselling and cross-selling part of your sales process.

Sales techniques and psychology

We teach you sales techniques and give you specific tools and methods to obtain a successful sale. Every customer is unique in regards to purchasing. We look at the psychology behind and teach you how to meet a potential customer respectfully and how to communicate effectively.

We offer to test sales consultants and the sales management to uncover focus areas and improve your team’s results.