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Meeting booking – let us book quality meetings for you


Do you need more meetings with customers?

Would you like to avoid having to book the meetings yourself?

Are you uncertain as to whether a telemarketing company can do anything for you? Either because you have had bad experiences with meeting bookers or know someone who has?

You may have heard horror stories about meeting booking that resulted in a lot of bad meetings without any prospect of selling anything and instead wasting time and money. And perhaps you will not take the risk of being associated with telemarketers who blindly pursue cold calling annoying your potential customers?

In that case, you have come to the right place. Partner Dialog is a company that has specialised in telemarketing and to find new customers through meeting booking.

At Partner Dialog, we have specialised in booking high-quality meetings. Therefore, we look carefully into your company and situation before we start booking meetings. We align your expectations for the meetings we book. If you only would like to have meetings booked that can result in a sale, we only book meetings that we believe can lead to that. In that way you and your employees avoid wasting valuable time going to meetings that never should have been held.

Our consultants do not hunt down meetings and sale on behalf of you. We get to know the potential customer and challenge him or her. That is why they like to talk to us and the reason we can book quality meetings for you. At the same time, we make sure to note down important information in your pipeline, so we know when it is relevant to call them back. Information that are relevant could, for instance, be about their budget and when the contracts that they may already have, run out.

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Partner Dialog

What are
meeting booking?

Meeting booking is a form of telemarketing where a salesperson makes direct contact with potential customers via phone calls. The goal is to book meetings with new and good customers, so that you as a company can plan the right meetings with already interested buyers.


Good meeting booking ensures that you do not spend time and resources making the wrong decisions.

Together, we prepare qualified meeting booking

To ensure that we are off to a good start booking your meetings, we start our partnership by listening carefully to the requirements and expectations you have to meetings with the ideal customers.


Therefore, we begin our partnership by uncovering the following points:


– How many customer meetings do you need?

– What characterises the right customer?

– What does it take for a meeting to be interesting for you?


Before we even start booking meetings for you, we conduct a three-hour long seminar which is designed to find out:


– How is your company unique?

– What are your specific selling points?

– What objections do you and your employees typically encounter?

– Everything about your product, so that we can challenge the customer professionally


After that we produce a script of six-seven pages that you, of course, approve before we start booking meetings. The script is so thorough that many of our customers use it in-house when, for instance, they introduce new employees to their company.


When we have been calling potential customer for two days, we invite you into our office, so that you can see how we work booking meetings for you. This also means we can ask you further questions in order to optimise our work.

Find out more about meeting booking now

Call directly on +45 3841 0326 and find out how we can help you book quality meetings and get further information about prices. You may also send us an e-mail then one of our telemarketers will get back to you.


Get contacted by a member of staff who can help you find the right meeting booking solution.

Using Partner Dialog for booking meetings, you will get the number meetings you need on an ongoing basis. This could be a small number of meetings on a weekly or monthly basis or that we continuously provide your sales or service division with a large number of meetings.


We do the meeting booking from our office in Copenhagen, but we also book meetings with potential customers in Aarhus, Odense and in all other places in Denmark