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Sales Strategy

Sales Strategy

If ‘strategy’ means the road to the goal, ‘sales strategy’ must mean the road to the customer – that is what we believe.

Most sales strategies are more like declarations of intent that states something along the lines of ‘we want to be market leaders in three years’ or ‘we will have a net growth of 10 % before the end of…’ That part of strategy making is not difficult.

A sales strategy needs to be supported by a plan of action which is centred around focus areas and resources.

The usual approach would be to divide the process into three steps:

Plan of action

‘We are what we do, and not what we say we will do’. That is a relevant phrase when it comes to obtaining specific goals through a variety of focus areas – along with the quality of the efforts we deliver.

Do our sales consultants have the qualifications needed for fulfilling the ambitious goals?

Do we have the tools that are needed to lead the sales process?

Do we have the managerial resources we need to support our sales consultants?

At Partner Dialog we can help clarify these questions and together with the customer we will compile a plan of action which ensures that the sale strategy’s goals are reached.


While creating the plan of action, there will most likely arise a variety of focus areas and a need for competencies in the field of key account managing, incentive programmes or cold calling.

Among the initiatives that will be effected are

Training of sales consultants and sales management, coaching based on personal profile, promotional copy based on how the customer act, incentive programmes rewarding success, and outsourcing of meeting booking to boost the process.

As there are lots of possibilities and not two companies are alike, our suggested solution is based on an individual assessment of your challenges and current situation.

We would be pleased to visit you and show you some cases and give you some advice on how you reach your strategic goals.