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Database Optimizing

Whether you are looking for help with generating leads, getting help filling out the calendar or an effective sales strategy, Partner Dialog helps you through the sales process.

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Optimise your customer database

Have you ever wondered what happened to all your customers? Data is the bedrock of all direct marketing. Even though no database is 100 % perfect, using recently up-dated data and named contacts can improve the results of a direct marketing campaign dramatically.

Research shows that 30 % of B2B-data is incorrect after a year. So if your customer database is a couple of years old it is feasible that about 60% of the information is outdated. This means that almost two-thirds of your marketing budget could be wasted. That is why it is crucial to use efficient data-optimisation in order to secure a return of your marketing investment.

Customer database optimising

We build-up high quality customer databases for our customers. We always phone up to qualify and profile the information.


  • Update the information in your marketing database
  • Ask the right questions for profiling and segmentation
  • Add information about those decision makers that are hard to find
  • Add e-mail addresses and other data according to you choice

If you give us your old marketing database and ask us to buy the basic data, we will be able to produce a new database ready for a ‘top tuned’ marketing campaign.

Database control

Partner Dialog works with the leading suppliers of business information. We have more than 20 years of experience buying and using data for telemarketing. We use our knowledge and experience to identify the best suppliers with the highest quality and best prices for your company.

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