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Purchase agreements

Whether you are looking for help with generating leads, getting help filling out the calendar or an effective sales strategy, Partner Dialog helps you through the sales process.

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Purchase agreements – follow up on customers who have not got back to you

It happens some times that participants forget to confirm their participation in a seminar or forget to pay or a trade fair participant does not return a contract.

Partner Dialog can help you get your agreements and money by contacting customers who have been forwarded participant agreements, lease agreements etc. We have great experience contacting potential exhibitors for trade fairs. We undertake the whole process: The first contact, the follow up and final agreement.

Call us now on +45 3586 8000, and let us have a non-committal talk about how we can help you follow up on potential customers, participants, exhibitors etc.

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You can also write to us at or call us on +45 38 41 03 26.

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